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Factory direct shipment, low price, excellent quality, large output, fast delivery! Huichuang Stone Co. , Ltd. is located in Guwei Stone Industrial Park, Changgang town, Foshan City, Fengkai County, China. The company has its own production, processing and sales of Fengkai stone, granite, marble and fire-burned stone, the company has advanced production equipment, strict quality management system and skilled stone technicians. The excellent quality and low cost of its stone products make our customers come to cooperate with us, welcome the general new old customer to call the consultation! We look forward to hearing from you. 1. Plate series: Light Plate, Wool Plate, finished plate, fire plate, blind way plate, square plate, stair step, slotted plate, Litchi surface, pineapple surface, chop axe surface, wire drawing plate, Litchi surface, etc. . Block stone series: Curb Stone, step stone, capstone, Daya Stone, curved road stone, parterre stone, special-shaped road stone, numerical control stone, tree edge (Tree Pool, tree frame stone, tree cave stone) three, special-shaped series: Bridge Railing, Stone Ball, block column, Flower Pot, animal character carving, etc. , and huge blocks of stone.
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